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AngularJS – Spinner

Sometimes a back-end service is slow……………….or slower… You want to notify your user that the page isn’t finished yet. With small changes you can create this functionality into your angularjs application. Below you can read an example how you can do it.

Create a new Service-javascript file “loadingservice.js” 

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AngularJs with REST service

The following example descibes an full demo implementation of a REST Service combined with an AngularJs Webapplication example. The REST Service runs on a Raspberry Pi Model B and the AngularJs Webapplication runs on a Synology (Apache-server).

Setup the RESTService

First I setup a RESTService using a Raspberry Pi with Node.js (v0.10.2) and Express.js. (NPM v1.2.15). With the following code changes. AngularJs version 1.2.12 Continue reading AngularJs with REST service