Home automation schema – Raspberry Pi – MQtt – X10 – Synology

I created a concept schema for  home automation. To registrate the visits, lights, temperature, motions, camera’s …etc. The purpose is controls the house and take action if needs. For example: your are at the office and you forgot to turn off your light switch or heating. Or the system can anticipate if light-switches can be used….  

Synology NAS

  • Tasks: Backup all the devices in the network.
  • mySQL: Database
  • Surveillance cams: Network camera
  • Apache webserver: This is use for internet and intranet users
  • VPN: for connection for external connection and control.

Raspberry Pi 1 “Webserver / Websockets / Rest-service”

  • Node.js : Webserver / Websockets / Rest-service
  • MQtt.js: Library for connect with the MQtt broker server

Raspberry Pi 2 “MQtt-broker”

  • Mosquitto server (MQtt)
  • python-mysql: save the data to the MySQL database

Raspberry Pi 3 “Main switch controller”

  • Mochad
  • CM15Pro: Controls the X10 devices

Home Automation schema

This is my home project idea and its a concept fase. Several scenario’s I allready tested. So now build!!